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Shopify SEO & Paid Search Strategies

Two essential sources for driving traffic and generating sales are Shopify SEO and paid search, both are dependable drivers of quality traffic sure to sustain successful Shopify store campaigns. It’s a marketing fact that Shopify has one of the best organic engines for driving quality traffic to your store, so optimizing content and keywords should be a high priority for your search marketing. Fortunately, Shopify has the most sophisticated (and automated) ecommerce search optimization features, keep reading below to learn more about how to optimize organic search for your store.

Paid Search

With paid search you can target traffic directly within your demographic and geographic audience with campaign search filters in order to achieve the lowest CPC, while increasing ROI. To get the highest returns on your paid search while avoiding costly “in-house” campaign setup mistakes, use ATTAIN Agency paid search experts to professionally configure, test and deploy paid search campaigns that will increase traffic and generate sales in your Shopify store.

Shopify SEO

Shopify SEOOptimizing a Shopify ecommerce website is much different than optimizing a non-ecommerce website such as WordPress. Shopify SEO is specifically designed to optimize your store pages in order to increase your products ranking in organic search, with the goal of acquiring new customers and increasing conversions. Optimizing your Shopify store for competitive keyword ranking in organic search requires a company with years of expertise in ecommerce. ATTAIN Agency has the sharpest Shopify Developers who are experts in Shopify SEO, ready to optimize your store and ensure continued improvement in both on-page and off-page optimization.

Top 5 Shopify SEO Tips

  • Meta Tags: Shopify generates title and description meta tags for you, however you should optimize meta tags for the highest value. Use the bulk product editor to list all products, which makes optimization more convenient.

  • Page Load Time: Page load times have a huge impact on Shopify SEO. Optimize by limiting image size, and don’t install unnecessary Apps. Test page speed with Google PageSpeed Insights, especially after adding new content.

  • Titles & Descriptions: On-page titles and descriptions are very important for organic search, limit the character count in titles and stay away from numbers and strange characters. Use H1 for titles, and properly format descriptions.

  • Content: Don’t be cheap on content, and don’t let entry level people create it. Page content has huge relevance for Shopify SEO and helps customers, so invest in content that is well written, has keywords and use a spellchecker.

  • Reviews: Don’t be shy, ask for reviews. Configure automated post-purchase marketing emails and be sure to install the free Shopify reviews app, or we can install it free. Remember, store reviews are like Shopify SEO on Steroids.

Top 5 Shopify SEO Tips

Three Types of Shopify SEO

Every Shopify store should optimize for on-site, off-site and local Shopify SEO, stores that sell primarily to local markets should especially focus on local. Each type of Shopify SEO is detailed below and while this is by no means an exhaustive list, it is a good starting point for addressing the top level optimization items you should be working on to optimize your store for the highest possible ranking in organic search.

Onsite Shopify SEO

Product Pages

Product Pages

Optimizing product pages is imperative, titles and descriptions should be written for customers. Don’t make the mistake of writing for search engines, Google is never going to place an order in your store. Internal links in your descriptions to similar products is a great idea and be sure to optimize meta tags.

Collection Pages

Collection Pages

Create collections and add similar products to their own collection, add collections to navigation menu. Write a short paragraph for each collection and add to the top of collection pages. Optimize the meta tags for each collection and be sure to hide unused collections.

Blogs and Articles

Blogs and Articles

Adding a blog or article section with media and well written content helps to keep your Shopify stores content fresh and is great link bait. Get creative with guest bloggers and writers who also trade links. Create posts with product reviews, product launches and product updates.

Home Page & Web Pages

Home Page & Web Pages

Add text content to the home page, it gets the most organic visits and is the most indexed page in your store. We can’t say it enough, create shipping and return pages and add to the top menu. Also add contact (with address), privacy and terms pages, Google expects to find these in your store.

Offsite Shopify SEO



Backlinks are essential for Shopify SEO but be sure to maintain quality over quantity. Guest blogging or articles on other sites, spying on competitors (track backlinks), content marketing and Influencer guest posts are all good backlink strategies. Don’t hire offshore backlink providers and never buy backlinks.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

SEO is about increasing the quality and quantity of organic traffic, social media is about increasing reach and curating content. Curated content on social media will receive more backlinks and traffic, which gives your content more value in organic search. Learn more about Shopify social media.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Brand Influencers have become a marketing staple for content marketing and driving quality traffic. Influencer relationships can be leveraged in distributing content to a wider audience and increasing organic traffic with higher link authority from more relevant sources.

Brand Mentions

Brand Mentions

Proof of authority is powerful for brand trust. With brand mentions you simply need to get your brand mentioned in social media posts to build this powerful proof of authority. Leveraging brand mentions boosts your Shopify SEO rankings and increases your brands authority.

Local Shopify SEO

Local On-site Optimization

Local On-Site Optimization

The first step in local optimization for your Shopify store is adding your address to your contact page, and the footer of your store using structured data. Also, insert your city into your store content where possible, and then follow the other local Shopify SEO tips in this section.

Google, Bing & Facebook Places

Google, Bing & Facebook Places

Create local places with your Shopify stores information on Google, Bing and Facebook. Be sure to optimize each of these resources by adding your stores links, address, phone, email, hours, photos and text content. Update these resources monthly to get the most local value.

Google & Bing Maps

Google & Bing Maps

Maps are Similar to Places, which you should have already created. Create a local map listing on both Google Maps and Bing Maps. Add further value from Google by embedding a Google Map into your Shopify contact page, which should show a marker with your stores name.

Google & Yelp Reviews

Google & Yelp Reviews

While we do not recommend that you create a Yelp account for your Shopify store, you are better served if you optimize an existing account. Finally, find your reviews link in Google Places and add it to your Shopify store, so that customers can add reviews on Google (which also helps SEO).

Building Trust & Credibility

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a subject that covers most if not all your marketing efforts. When we talk about brand awareness regarding Shopify SEO, we are specifically looking at trust, value, identity, authority and reach. While not all these items are immediately quantifiable, their long-term impact on your Shopify store sales is undeniable. Here is an example of what we mean, brands with little or no name recognition will probably sell less when compared to brands that have immediate brand name recognition.

Whether your Shopify store has an actual brand (i.e. brand trademark) or just a name and logo, the principles of brand awareness are still relevant. Here’s why, the brand awareness items listed above (trust, value, identity, authority and reach) are incredibly important not just for the long-term growth of your Shopify store, they are also immediately relevant for marketing and advertising efforts while you gain traction in converting sales and acquiring new customers.

SERP's & Shopify SEO

Long-Term Investment

Search engine result pages or SERP’s play such an important role in the marketing of every Shopify store, that we just can’t write enough content to cover the entire topic. The search result pages on Google are usually very competitive with organic search results. Typical search result pages display organic search results, AdWords text ads and/or PLA ads, local results (with local ads) and as if that was not busy enough Google has added a new bucket of results with the goal of keeping people from even leaving the search results page.

As you can see SERP’s is a long-term investment not just because its competitive, but because you must compete with national brands and Google all in the same space. While there is no final solution to stay ahead of all this noise, Shopify stores can remain vigilant in the pursuit for their earned share of organic traffic by using ATTAIN Agency Shopify SEO experts to maintain and grow their organic traffic.

Paid SearchPaid search is one of the fastest methods for driving high-quality search traffic to your Shopify store, however it can also become a financial black hole if not setup and managed by a paid search expert. While this section contains helpful advice, tips and tricks to give a broad overview of paid search, we highly recommend that you hire a qualified paid search expert to manage your campaigns. ATTAIN Agency paid search experts help company’s target their demographic by developing paid search strategies to optimize conversions and ROI. We are available for free consultations specifically tailored to Shopify stores.

Top 5 Paid Search Tips

  • Position: Positions 1-2 are first clicked with the highest CPC. Positions 3-5 still produce quality clicks, and for lower CPC. Factor in quality scores, competition and budget to find the best ad position for your budget.

  • Keywords: Stick to relevant keywords for quality traffic. Focus on less keywords to start, work on quality score and use keyword modifiers to find the best CPC. Research competitors’ ads to find their secrets.

  • Creating Ads: Choose ad types that work best for your products and write compelling ad text. Use keywords in ads and add extensions, configure locations to optimize budget. Check quality score often.

  • Landing Pages: Never point ads to your front page. Build custom landing pages when possible, write compelling ad text with keywords, and A/B split test. Check landing page quality score often.

  • Funnels & analytics: Setup a dashboard in Google analytics and check it throughout the day. Add the AdWords tracking pixel, set goals and add transactions and revenue reports to your dashboard.

Top 5 Paid Search Tips

Paid Search Ad Types

Ad Types Listed Are Google AdWords, Not All Are Available On Bing Ads

Paid Search - Text Ads

Text Ads

This is the most common ad type and can be found on Google SERP’s for most searches. These ads are 100% text (no images) and have character limits depending on the device type (mobile or desktop). Competition is generally the highest in the text ad section, as these types of paid ads hold the premium placement on search result pages and are usually the most frequently clicked ads.

Paid Search - Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads

This ad type pulls content from your Shopify store. While dynamic search ads may be helpful when integrated into an optimized paid search campaign, it is not always recommended to start a new campaign using just dynamic search ads. It is also important to note that since dynamic search ads pull content from your Shopify store, great care should be taken with the final results.

Paid Search - Call Only Ads

Call Only Ads

An interesting option for Shopify stores that may also have a physical location or have a customer service team ready to answer phone calls from ads. While these types of ads are only for mobile devices, it should be noted that 50% or more of all Google searches come from smart phones. These ads contain a phone number, description and can also contain a link to your Shopify store.

Paid Search - Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads

These types of ads are the most exciting for Shopify stores, since they display an actual image of your products. The caveat is that you must configure a Google Shopping account which is separate from AdWords, and your products must be fed into this account using a Shopify feed app. Once all of this is completed however, Shopping Ads may offer a greater chance for conversions.

Reach Targeted Goals

Reach Targeted Goals

Whether you are new to paid search or just unsatisfied with the results you are getting from your current paid search campaign, we can help. Reaching your targeted goals does not need to be painful, take forever or blow your monthly budget. Running paid search campaigns does take commitment, but if your Shopify store sales do not materialize fast enough you may grow fatigued watching the money going out but not coming back in.

Reach your sales goals with ATTAIN Agency paid search experts, with over 18 years of experience. Shopify experts in account configuration, ad creation, landing page development, keyword research and bidding, account optimization, conversion funnels and analytics. Learn how ATTAIN Agency can help your Shopify store increase conversions and ROI.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment

Creating A Successful Paid Search Strategy

Creating a successful paid search strategy begins with a goal, however it doesn’t end there. Your goal may be more sales in your Shopify store, but that goal is not enough to build an entire strategy. We need to think of your goal in the larger context of what a sale is in order to really create success, at least any measurable success that can stand the test of time. This is where ROI comes in, if your Shopify store just “needs more sales” you may end up trading dollars for dollars every month and that is a losing proposition and strategy. However, if you were to say that your Shopify store needs more profitable sales or return on investment, then this goal would be enough to begin building a measurable success that can stand the test of time.

The point is this, everyday Shopify store owners create paid search campaigns with the hope of generating sales. Most are soon frustrated and disappointed with their results because their ROI never materializes. They don’t know it, but they are missing core components in their paid search campaigns and these missing components are the key to moving from just sales and into ROI. This doesn’t mean that their expectation is too high, it means they set the bar too low on their strategy. Creating a successful paid search strategy that produces positive results (i.e. pays for itself, plus profit) doesn’t just happen, it is developed and tested and optimized an infinite number of times until it produces peak results. Paid search success will not materialize unless you have a paid search expert guiding your paid search campaigns every step of the way, like a precision guided missile that always find its exact target no matter where it starts or where the target is located.

ROI + Sales = Successful Paid Search Strategy

Its quite common for marketing companies to go after the low-fruit when optimizing your paid search campaigns, the low-fruit however is often the less profitable products in your Shopify store. Example, if your paid search strategy is focused too heavily on low profit products that may be an easier sell with a higher conversion rate, but the profit will be disappointing low. Conversely, if your paid search strategy is too focused on high profit products that may be more difficult to sell the outcome will be a higher profit margin, but your sales may be disappointing low. A successful paid search strategy that increases sales and profits should focus on products with higher profit margins and use lower profit products that may be easier to sell as bait to entice shoppers into your Shopify store. Strategically positioning more profitable products near the lower profit bait products, will entice shoppers to purchase the higher profit products. Even if shoppers do not take the bait and purchase the lower profit product, you can still make the sale on the lower profit product with the shopper appreciating their options. This is a common strategy used on some of the largest retail ecommerce sites and retail stores. Working closely with Shopify stores to create a balance in their paid search efforts, will ultimately determine the success of your paid search strategy.

Paid Search Optimization Audit

Are you completely satisfied with your paid search results? If you said no, then we invite you to take advantage of our Free 10 Point Paid Search Audit offer, to review and recommend optimizations. Whether your paid search account needs to be optimized or if it needs more extensive configurations, we are here to help. Optimize your Shopify paid search with a free audit to improve CPC, conversions and ROI.

ATTAIN 10 Point Paid Search Audit Includes:

  1. Competitive intelligence report of your top competitors, the report gives an inside look at your competitors paid search activity (ex. traffic, keywords, CPC, spend etc.).

  2. Verify that paid search tracking is properly configured in your Shopify store and that conversions are being properly tracked. We also outline the most optimal conversion funnel for your products and market.

  3. Verify that your paid search account settings are properly configured for network, budget and bidding. Verify ads are not showing outside of your shipping zone, such as Hawaii, Alaska or outside of the US.

  4. Report on the geographic areas where your paid ads are currently showing and make recommendations for optimization (reach and budget). Verify demographics, to ensure your paid search ads are showing to buyers and not to people far less likely to buy.

  5. Report device type traffic (i.e. mobile, desktop and tablet) and make recommendations for bid adjustments based on device type.

  6. Review paid search campaign structure and ad organization. Make recommendations to optimize organization and structure to increase paid search results.

  7. Review all keywords being used in your paid search campaigns for redundancy, bid and match type optimization.

  8. Review negative keywords and make appropriate recommendations to create and/or optimize to avoid wasted clicks.

  9. Review ad extensions for all paid search ads, ensure accuracy and make recommendations to optimize. Important for gaining more ad space with relevant and helpful information.

  10. You will receive a professional report that will help you to make the best decisions for your paid search investment. We also send an estimate of time and cost to make the recommended optimizations.

Getting Started with Paid Search

Getting Started with Paid Search

Are you ready to start improving your Shopify stores sales? Paid search may be one of the most important business decisions you can make, even though it is purely an advertising medium. Paid search does several things organic or owned media cannot. The first is position, only paid search gives you the power to place your ad anywhere on the page. The second is insight, sure you can use Google Analytics to gain some insight into your organic shoppers, but that is nothing like the in-depth, granular details you get from a paid search campaign. The third is targeting, organic or owned media is a passive medium waiting for shoppers to click but with paid search you not only get the shoppers that are the most valuable to your sales, you can avoid the shoppers who might otherwise never buy your products and thus waste the click.

Learn More About Paid Search

Learn how paid search can help your Shopify store grow sales its easy and free. Just click the button below and complete the requested information form. Our Shopify experts will get started by reviewing your Shopify store, then we will contact you to discuss your paid search options. All information is stored in a secure database and will only be used to follow up with your request to learn more about paid search.

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