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What's Your Shopify Content Strategy?

Your content is like a thread that weaves seamlessly in and out of the very fabric of your brands story. Writing quality content for your Shopify store is essential for sales since well written content helps your customers make a connection with your products, and it’s precisely that connection which is the key to increasing conversions. Great content should be the foundation of your store, use it to educate customers on your brand and it will drive sales. Website content can also be repurposed for both internal and external marketing (more about content repurposing). When customers shop in your store, they know exactly what you are selling based on the content in your product descriptions and other website content. The narratives you create will tell the story of who you are, where you came from, and why you are in business. This is the fabric of your brands story.

The Best Told Stories

Whether you're creating content for your Shopify store, email marketing, paid advertising or social media campaigns the best told stories are one's that connect customers to your brand. Content that is accurate, trustworthy, and current will have the greatest impact on your sales.

Be sure to view the Content Marketing for Shopify section, for a complete overview of the Shopify content writing and marketing process.

Optimal Sales Content

Plug Sales Leaks to Increase Conversion Rates

Creative Content Converts

Creative Content Converts

Converting shoppers to customers requires creative content that speaks to their needs. Increased conversions are directly linked to engaging content and perceived value.

Engaging Content That Sells

Engaging Content Sells

Your traffic is filtered through your content, engaging content that is fun, sexy, intriguing and even suspenseful ensures more customers make it through your conversion funnel.

Establishing Value Over Price

Establishing Value Over Price

Racing to the bottom in the lowest price competition is a guaranteed profit killer. Creating value over price using creative content, will always increase your competitive edge.

Enhance Trust & Reputation

Details Get Noticed

Sometimes the small details have the most impact, such as adding well written shipping and return pages, asking for product reviews or customizing email signup and order emails.

Website Content

Website Content

Well-crafted website content works in harmony with the media on your website to tell your story. Your stores media may include images, infographics, photography or video, however it’s the written content that polishes your story. Although your website content should give subjective reasoning why customers should buy, it shouldn’t be blatantly salesy but should answer questions customers might ask.

Content marketing is still one of the leading drivers of high-quality traffic and is critical for ranking in the hyper competitive world of organic search. Search engine optimization of website content means making your content interesting, readable, reliable and relevant.

Adding specific high value keywords placed strategically within the pages of your website will add value for a visitor who is looking for specific information, as well as search engines attempting to crawl and index your content.

Inbound Marketing Content

Listicles and FAQ's

Creating value added content entices customers to spend more time in your Shopify store, it also has a positive impact on organic search. Creative and interesting content can be used as bait for search engines, especially hot for organic ranking are numbered lists or listicles and FAQ’s for quick answers to commonly asked questions. Building FAQ pages and listicles provides information customers want in a more succinct and creative way and both can be solid gold for your stores organic search.

Customers with limited time can quickly gather needed information to make buying decisions, which helps conversion rates. Taking the time and effort to add these types of content to your store adds extra value for your customers and makes your Shopify store more entertaining and more competitive.

Blog Posts and Articles

CMS blogging comes standard with Shopify and can be used for blogs or articles. Both have equal value for internal promotions, product education and enhancing organic search. Writing content for blog posts or articles as a strategy to build keyword ranking will have a long-term positive impact on organic search. There is more than enough SEO value in writing blog posts or articles to keep a full-time Shopify SEO expert busy, plus relevant and creative content helps you build authority in your market while humanizing your brand.

Writing weekly or even daily blog posts or articles is a powerful content marketing strategy and is one of the most successfully tested organic keyword ranking secrets. You can even add a Shopify Buy Button to your posts that allows customers to buy products directly from your blog. If you have not yet discovered this free feature, follow these instructions to add the Shopify Buy Button to your Shopify stores blog posts or article section. The feature is easy to use and takes no programming skills or Shopify developer experience.

Outbound Marketing Content

Email Marketing Content

One of the most powerful marketing tools for your Shopify store is at your fingertips, it’s easy use, can lower acquisition costs and even increase customer lifetime value. Email marketing should be the cornerstone of your online sales strategy, it strengthens customer relationships and it keeps your Shopify store in front of shopper’s eyes ensuring competitiveness. Engaging, well-written emails increase repeat purchases and helps new customers become more acquainted with your brand. Sending emails weekly builds anticipation and expectation of your next sale.

A well-planned email content strategy can help you achieve higher ROI and can bring down advertising costs. Each time an email is sent to your email list, it stirs interest and awareness about your products and brand.

Paid Advertising & Social Media Content

Paid advertising content should be succinct, as each written word can have a positive or negative impact on the success of your campaigns. Paying for clicks means getting your message pitch perfect, you will want to A/B split test content for ads and landing pages to determine the best message. Content clarity, creativeness and flow are important, as your ads need to standout in an often crowded and competitive space. Choose your words carefully as every word should be perfectly tailored to your exact audience, in order to capture the most potential customers in your demographic.

Social media content is incredibly valuable for your brand, it casts a wide net over your audience as it is shared, liked and reposted. While social media can be a goldmine for brand awareness, there is a never-ending need for more content. Maintaining a weekly calendar and using posting software such as Hootsuite is a real timesaver. Keeping social media current requires a commitment in creating a constant stream of fresh and creative content and media.

Shopify Product Descriptions

Shopify Product Descriptions

Well planned Shopify product pages are essential for increasing conversion rates, they are the core reason that your customers and potential customers are shopping in your Shopify store. Did you know that potential buyers generally spend as much time reading product descriptions as they spend viewing product media such as product images and videos?

Professionally written content does more than simply tell the story of your products, it convincingly answers the question... should I buy this? ATTAIN offers smarter content that optimizes each product description according to your unique brand, and with the intention of selling that product by actively answering the “should I buy this?” question. Smarter product descriptions make your products more competitive, and more likely to sell.

Witty, Cleaver or Technical

Write easy to understand explanations of your products that contain witty, clever or even technical narratives to give your product descriptions a more animated visual that jumps off the page. Write beautiful product descriptions that highlight your products most positive features and benefits in an honest voice. Inject information your customers are searching by adding known keywords that flow into sentence structure in a very natural way, this will also help with organic search.

There are no shortcuts when you're optimizing product pages for higher conversion rates, you should be adding the proverbial kitchen sink including well written content, professional media, customer reviews, technical whitepaper and specifications when needed.

Brand Case Studies

Accentuate Brand Benefits with Demonstrated Authority

Tout Brand Benefits

Tout Brand Benefits

No one can tell the story of your products or brand like you can. Create content to emphasize the benefits and use real customer reviews to enhance the value proposition.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Success stories are interviews with customers who use your products and want to share their story. Incorporate pictures and videos to create an even more dramatic presentation.

Build Brand Awareness

Build Brand Awareness

Case studies are very shareable content on social media, they add awareness to your brand and create an audience more enthusiastic about your products and brand.

Directly Compete

Directly Compete

Compare the success your customers have had with those of your competitors. Especially helpful are success stories from customers who have switched to your brand.

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