Content Marketing for Shopify

Realizing The Organic Potential Of Shopify

When it comes to organic search Shopify is built for high performance, easily outperforming competitors on platforms such as Magento and WooCommerce. There is one catch however, you cannot expect to outperform your competition simply because you are using Shopify, you will also need a constant source of high quality content to realize the full organic potential of Shopify.

Content Marketing Strategy

To get started think about all of the content your Shopify store needs such as product descriptions, page content, blog content, articles, landing pages, social media content, email marketing content and paid ad content. Now think about your marketing strategy and the role content marketing will play in that strategy. Are the two strategies harmonious, or do they overlap and cause bottlenecks? We will explore the steps needed to create a seamless content marketing strategy and plan, that optimizes your content marketing execution.

Refer to our Content Writing section as the precuser of our Content Marketing for Shopify section, for the broadest overview of the Shopify content process.

Content Creation vs. Content Marketing

Content Creation vs. Content MarketingBefore you begin creating your content marketing strategy and content marketing plan, lets review the difference between content creation and content marketing. If you have not yet read our content creation section it would benefit you to do so, you can find the content creation section here. Content creation is the core structure of content marketing, without discounting content marketing it is simply the distribution of content having already been created. Content creation and content marketing should work harmoniously together as they peform for the same audience and work towards the same goals, always working hand-in-hand.
One of the first steps in buiding a content marketing strategy is discovering your audience demographic. If you have already developed your content creation strategy, you would use much of the strategy to create your content marketing strategy. Linking these two strategies and plans locks them together for the most cohesive strategy moving forward to increase the results of both.

Content Marketing Strategy

Hitting The Content Publishing Mark

Content Marketing Strategy Goals


What do you hope to gain from your content marketing? Branding exposure, Shopify store traffic, conversions, email subscriptions? Having a clear set of achievable goals will help you to set measurements for progress, milestones for expectations and budgets for ROI. Keep your goals list short, and make sure there is a financial component to keep your goals front and center.

Content Marketing Strategy Audience


Audiences vary depending on where you publish your content, learn how to enhance your content to find your audience on each channel. For instance, case studies and infographics may have a professional audience, while podcasts and videos may be more mobile. Instagram tends to have a younger audience, while email marketing tends to have a more mature audience.

Content Marketing Strategy Collaboration


Content creation is an effort best shared with your team. Even if your team is small, more voices will add valuable input and help build consistency in your content flow. Think about using a collaboration tool such as Asana which is a great way for teams to share input, track project timelines, assign responsibilities and report on the success of your content marketing efforts.

Content Marketing Strategy Format


With over fifty known types of digital content and an endless amount of publishing destinations, content format will make or break the value of your posts. Each channel has its own specific format, so tailor and optimize your content in advance. Do not forget to run a final content edit before posting, as errors are likely to occur when reformatting your content for each channel.

Content Marketing Strategy Content


Some content takes longer to create, so plan accordingly. Videos and photoshoots for instance take time to produce, shoot and edit before the finished product is ready. Listicles, blog and social media posts generally take less time to create and can be ready within a day or two. Schedule your publishing around content creation timelines to maintain the flow of your content marketing.

Content Marketing Strategy Publishing


Pick your content publishing channels carefully, they should help your long-term strategy in developing relationships. Maintain a narrative (when possible) to build expectation in your audience, and you will have them waiting for new content. Keep your content relevant, trustworthy, and current to resonate with your audience. Add backlinks to your Shopify store when possible.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Reaping Content Marketing Rewards

As you dive into your content marketing process, your will quickly realize the wide net you are casting with your content marketing plan. When executed consistently over time, content marketing will have the largest impact on several major marketing measurements. Measurements such as Shopify store conversions, customer acquisition, customer retention, and organic performance.

The best part about content marketing is the maturation rate of your content, because as your content matures it becomes more popular as it is viewed and shared more often. Your reach could be incredibly far as you explore new channels that widen your audience. The far-reaching impact of your efforts could touch every point in your marketing plan from organic to paid, and everything in-between.

8 Benefits of Content Marketing

  • Increase Shopify Traffic

  • Increase Organic Ranking

  • Increase Audience Reach

  • Increase Competitiveness

  • Increase Trust & Credibility

  • Increase Branding

  • Increase Presence

  • Far-Reaching Impact

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