Online Shopping Advantages & Disadvantages

Oct 09 , 2020

Paul McGowan

Online Shopping Advantages & Disadvantages

Consumers are making online purchases now more than ever due to current global circumstances. Ecommerce stores have become competitive which drives prices down and benefits the everyday online shopper.

Since many consumers who used to make purchases in-person have now switched to online shopping the internet has revolutionized the way the world shops.

The following information reveals the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping and why more people are choosing to shop in the comfort of their own home.

Advantages of Online Shopping

* Shop from the comfort of your own home

* Low shipping charges

* Ability to shop 24/7

* No need to drive or pay for ride shares

* No crowds

* No salespeople bothering you while you shop

* No waiting in long lines at the store

* Access to product reviews

* The convenience of shopping in your pajamas while relaxing at home

* Opportunity to compare prices and find the best deal

* Access to online coupon codes and sales that aren’t available at the store

* A wide range of stores to shop for your favorite products

* No pressure to purchase items you don’t really need due to aggressive salespeople

* You can make discreet purchases and avoid embarrassment

* Access to stores worldwide

Disadvantages of Online Shopping

* Unable to negotiate prices

* Can’t physically inspect products

* Out of stock products

* Fake shopping sites

* Shipping costs

* Challenges with returns and refunds

* Shipping delays

* Spending too much time shopping online

* Less social interaction

Tips for Shopping Safely Online

The main concern reported by online consumers is the risk of fraudulent activity. The main reasons consumers are hesitant to shop online is because of the horror stories they hear about identity theft, credit card scams, hacking, phishing, fake websites, counterfeit products, and scams. While there is always a risk, there are a few things you can do to shop safely online and enjoy the entire experience without worry or a hefty risk.

The following tips will help you become a safe and responsible online shopper:

  1. Try a prepaid card – An excellent way to protect your bank account is to transfer the exact funds needed to complete your online purchase onto a prepaid card. Typically, prepaid cards are not able to be overdrawn, and even if they get hacked, the cyber-criminal will not be able to access your bank account.
  2. Shop on legitimate websites only – There’s an easy way to find out if a website is legitimate by ensuring the secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption is installed. You can determine if SSL is installed for the side by looking at the URL. Sites that have SSL have an URL that starts with HTTPS and a small icon of a locked padlock appears before the URL or website address.
  3. Don’t overshare information – Never share your social security number or other personal information to make a purchase.

Consumers often agree on the advantages of shopping online far out way the disadvantages. Shopping online is convenient, affordable, and safe!