Black Friday 2020 - Online Shopping

Oct 14 , 2020

Paul McGowan

Black Friday 2020 - Online Shopping

Covid-19 has changed the way customers are going to shop for Black Friday this year! Instead of waiting in long lines for hours, consumers will get their fingers tapping on the keyboard to make their purchases.

While you might miss drinking your favorite pumpkin spice latte as you shop in-person at your favorite retail store, there are still many benefits to shopping online that include major sales, discounts, and incredible deals! So get your cozy pajamas on and get ready to shop in the comfort of your own home.

Is Black Friday canceled?

There have been rumors circulating that Black Friday has been canceled but the truth is most stores just moved the sale to their online store so the shopping tradition and discounts can continue.

In 2019, research revealed a 20% increase in online shopping traffic compared to previous years. Sources predict a higher increase for 2020 due to quarantine restrictions and store closings.

Are the sales as good as at the stores?

You don’t need to worry about missing out on great deals because the online retail stores are prepared to offer amazing deals that you probably couldn’t find in-store.

Retailers are prepared to lure customers to their online stores with discounts, incentive deals, and add on purchase discounts. For example, last year Target and Walmart offered an Apple iPad special for $250 as long as you added other purchases to your online shopping cart and the deal sold out in minutes. This means you need to still be on your game when it comes to your Black Friday shopping even though you are at home in your jammies.

This means you need a game plan that involves making a list of your favorite stores and getting to those potential sell-out deals first. The thrill of getting the sale is still there and it’s something many people need to boost their spirits after such a surprising and difficult year.

People are so excited about holiday shopping and looking forward to something positive that sources are predicting 2020 is going to be more lucrative than previous years. Retailers are expecting high traffic to their websites and are doing their best to prepare for Black Friday.

When do Black Friday sales start?

The great news is, online Black Friday sales are expected to begin earlier this year! You can shop early during Thanksgiving week which runs from Monday to Cyber Monday. Major retailers including Kohl’s, Best Buy, Target, Amazon, and Walmart tend to send Black Friday deals out early and label it as pre-Black Friday sales, so keep your eyes open for special emails from your favorite stores.

Some retail stores are offering great deals ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Macy’s has announced online deals for October to get the ball rolling towards Black Friday.

While 2020 hasn’t been what anyone expected, there is finally a silver lining with Black Friday shopping online. The sales and incentives are giving consumers something to feel excited about and that’s something that has been lacking in many people’s lives this year.

Get your game plan ready because the fastest shoppers are going to scoop up the best deals fast! Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!